Is ‘Papers, Please’ headed for the shredder?

Is 'Papers, Please' headed for the shredder?
Is 'Papers, Please' headed for the shredder?
AP/Matt York

The Supreme Court announced in December that they would decide whether or not a harsh anti-immigration state law rooted in racism, Arizona’s died over the weekend. Mother Jones published an incredible 2003 investigation into Colson’s “Jails for Jesus,” which eased life on the inside for inmates willing to be indoctrinated.

  • Timothy Noah’s stirring essay about why we should care about inequality.
  • Spencer Ackerman writes about the military’s “arctic Knight Rider” project.
  • Something called the Coercive and Web Cam Abortion Prevention Act went into effect last Friday in Wisconsin.
  • A New Yorker piece asks whether procreation is immoral.
  • A new museum of racism is now open.
  • Lastly, as promised, the discussion about Latino politics that Melissa had yesterday with Reyes, the Heritage Foundation’s Israel Ortega, and the Center for American Progress’ Angela Maria Kelley.
  • Is 'Papers, Please' headed for the shredder?