Obama campaign goes ‘Forward’


Republicans like John Boehner have sought to get some mileage out of critiquing the President’s travel to make speeches on behalf of his student loan bill. This Saturday, they won’t have to try so hard as President Obama makes his first official stop in Boehner’s home state, on the campus of Ohio State University (where surely a few of the over 50,000 students on the Columbus campus have a student loan). In advance of that today, the Obama campaign released a new video touting his first-term successes and featuring their 2012 slogan, “Forward.”

A campaign slogan never particularly lends itself to being taken seriously, but the media and the opposition took turns poking a little extra fun at President Obama on Monday. Posts and tweets cropped up speculating whether or not it was a rip-off of this network’s slogan, “Lean Forward.” One Republican in the House (and a former House Republican on our network) did the same. Speaking of the GOP, the Republican National Committee “successfully” responded on Twitter, hashtagging the new slogan and using it to criticize the President with lines like, “Under Obama’s budget, Americans can look #FORWARD to a projected debt of $25.9 trillion by 2022.” Oh, snap!

And you had to know that the Fox News Channel wouldn’t miss a chance to get in on the hilarity. Fox Nation, home of headlines like “Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business” to a bunch of college students.

Obama campaign goes 'Forward'