Mitt Romney’s ‘blackest week ever’


The inimitable Jay Smooth has a new video for Animal New York in which he reviews Mitt Romney’s Adventures with Black People™ this week (particularly In light of what I wrote earlier). Those included the pathetic and somewhat sexist trial balloon floated by the Right in the form of a Drudge Report headline about former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice being a vice-presidential “frontrunner” – an idea which seems awful on its face and came from the political ether in what seems to be an attempt to distract folks from the might-be-a-felony Bain Capital controversy, but an idea which a lot of folks still discussed today as if it was credible.

(Romney himself took to virtually all of the networks tonight to proclaim pretty much what he has been proclaiming all along, and added more about news about the tax returns he won’t be releasing. Melissa will delve deeply into all of that on tomorrow’s show.)

To sum up, Jay’s video is a perfect footnote on a particularly awful week of Republican tone-deafness vis-á-vis African Americans. The key word being “particularly.”

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's 'blackest week ever'