Michelle Obama likes Beyoncé, and that’s OK


As the editor of this space, it’s hard not to empathize with what Jay Smooth is talking about in his latest video. Forming opinions for deadlines is a tough thing to do, and so I get what he’s talking about concerning his new gig with Animal New York.

Although I can’t comprehend how such a thought entered her head, I can see why he gives (somewhat of) a break to Keli Goff, the Loop21 contributor who concern-trolled her way through a trifle of a column which argued that First Lady Michelle Obama’s admiration of superstar Beyoncé could cost her husband votes and drive people to Mitt Romney. What our beloved host’s own admiration of Beyoncé could mean was left out of the thesis.

(No, I’m not linking it here. Gaining clicks seems to be the unstated point of columns like those.)

Frankly, to dissect that argument is would be to squander time better spent on pretty much anything from peeling oranges to watching curling to staring at a blank wall in silence. I’ll simply co-sign Jay’s well-stated argument, and let you know that you can look forward to him being Melissa’s guest in #nerdland this Sunday. (Sadly, his cat will not be invited.)

Postscript: You can listen to Jay’s hip-hop radio show, “Underground Railroad,” streaming live between 10pm and 12am on Friday nights here. And if you’re reading this on Friday night, I’d recommend clicking through and giving it a listen.

Michelle Obama likes Beyoncé, and that's OK