In this Aug. 15, 2013 file photograph, abortion rights supporter and clinic escort Michelle Colon, left, argues with abortion opponent Mary McLaurin, right,...
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The April 27 ‘MHP’ Syllabus


Two different ongoing foreign conflicts grew increasingly tense and complicated this week.

The standoff between Ukraine and Russia escalated further as Moscow claimed it was “forced” to ramp up military exercises along Ukraine’s eastern border in relation to the deaths of five Pro-Russian separatists in Slaviansk. In addition, Russian jets were spotted flying into Ukrainian airspace on Friday. The United States answered Moscow’s provocation announcing that the U.S. is ready to levy new sanctions as early as Monday. France too joined the effort to support Central Europe and the Baltic states stating it will send four jets to Poland next week. And in Israel, tensions rose as two rival Palestinian government factions, Fatah and Hamas, agreed to form a unity government. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told NBC News that Israel is ending talks with Palestinian leadership.

On Sunday’s Melissa Harris-Perry, we will bring you the latest on the rapidly escalating tension between Ukraine and Russia as well as a discussion on the future of Middle East peace. 

Potentially more than two million individuals have flocked to St. Peter’s Square to witness the canonization of not just one, but two former popes. Not only is it the first time that two popes will be named saints simultaneously, but it is also the first time in modern history that two living popes will be in attendance of a canonization. We’ll talk about this historical moment.

Mississippi comprises just about 50,000 square miles of the United States. Inside that almost 50,000 square miles resides one–just one–abortion clinic. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization performs more than 2,000 abortions a year as well as providing women with other reproductive health services. But all that could change on Monday.

On Sunday’s MHP, we will discuss the policy changes that are threatening to close the clinics doors when we are joined by none other than Dr. Willie Parker, who flies into Jackson, Mississippi from his home in Chicago to perform abortion services at The Jackson Women’s Health Organization. (Also, check out this feature from msnbc’s Irin Carmon on the limited abortion options in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.)

A new hot discussion topic is sweeping the nation, grabbing the attention of prolific writers, journalists, politicians, and everyday people alike - inequality.  Three new books at the top of current bestseller lists delve into the inherent aspects of our current economic system and how ignoring them– and in some cases, taking advantage of them – has perpetuates global inequality. But why has this topic become the topic? We’ll try to answer just that on Sunday’s show.

We’ll also welcome ESPN host and columnist Jemele Hill to discuss the alleged remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Read about them (and hear them) here.

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Melissa Harris-Perry

The April 27 'MHP' Syllabus