President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (R) cheer on children as they race to roll eggs as they participate in the White House Easter Egg Roll April 1, 2013.
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The April 20 ‘MHP’ Syllabus


The midterm elections are only seven months away. With 36 governorships plus 36 Senate races and every seat in the House up for grabs, things are finally getting serious.

Unlike a presidential election, midterm elections are not really all that focused on changing (or maintaining) the political direction of the country. No, midterm elections are about getting people to come to the polls in the hopes that a party can increase its power behind the throne. When it comes to getting voters to turn out, Republicans are doing the better job. Why?

Join us on Easter Sunday morning, when host Melissa Harris-Perry and guests such as Disrupt host Karen Finney take a look at midterm election strategy and what the outcome could mean for President Obama’s legislative legacy. 

In a shocking new report out in the June issue of Gender and Society Journal, researchers have found that by internalizing feelings of shame sometimes associated with sexual violence and harassment, young girls are beginning to accept sexual assault as a normal part of life. The report, Normalizing Violence: Young Women Account for Harassment and Abuse, also details reasons why many young women do not report sexual violence. We’ll discuss more of the report’s findings and what one college is doing to combat sexual violence on its campus.

President Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 was arguably his most comprehensive piece of civil rights legislation. However, once he won re-election, LBJ had to pass even more legislation to ensure that the provisions of the Civil Rights Act were being enforced. Among his legislative achievements was the Fair Housing Act, aimed at ending residential discrimination. On Sunday’s MHP, we’ll take a look at the current state of residential desegregation in America and share the story of how one community is making it a priority. 

We’ll also be joined on set by award-winning playwright and author Pearl Cleage to discuss her new book, Things I Should Have Told My Daughter.

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Melissa Harris-Perry

The April 20 'MHP' Syllabus