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‘MHP’ Syllabus: 6.14.15


This Sunday in #nerdland: Hillary Clinton 2.0 and Race Talk.

Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for President, held her first big campaign rally on Saturday on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan – and re-introduced herself to the Democratic base that she hopes will make her the first woman to be President. But here’s the thing about presidential elections: It’s all about turnout. Can she turn President Obama’s base into her own? Our panel will discuss these questions and more!

Panelists include:

Then, Rachel Dolezal, a name that has the country erupting over racial identity. Host Melissa Harris-Perry will continue her discussion on the issue of policing racial boundaries and the concept of “trans-racial.”

And, the summer fun that turned into jaw-dropping chaos in McKinney, Texas. We’ll discuss housing discrimination and integration and how those things relate to the McKinney pool party that captured the attention of the nation. We’ll also discuss the trauma that dehumanizing interactions with the police can have on a person, in particular youth.

All that plus, restricting abortion access in Texas, Caroline Fredrickson’s new book Under the Bus, and the prom dress that made us all say “Yasssssss!”

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The Syllabus - Mellissa Harris Perry

'MHP' Syllabus: 6.14.15