Melissa Harris Perry MHP The Syllabus

‘MHP’ Syllabus: 01.16.16

This Saturday, Melissa will recap President Obama’s State of the Union address as well as Thursday night’s GOP Debate. She’ll discuss how the President used the State of the Union to wade into 2016 electoral politics by responding to the rhetoric we’ve been hearing from the GOP candidates.

Almost seven years have passed since the great recession and the U.S economy is booming but many people aren’t seeing the results in their everyday lives.

Melissa and her panel will discuss the complexity of the U.S. economic picture.

Also, in his State of the Union, the President said we must make college more affordable. Melissa will discuss the effects of state budget cuts on college tuition.

In our second hour, Melissa will address a popular #Nerdland topic: Voter Rights.

We’ll give you an overview of what’s been fixed and what hasn’t since the last presidential election.

And, football is coming *back* to Los Angeles, California.

NFL owners announced the deal on Tuesday to bring the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles. That would put an end to a 21 year absence of pro-football in Los Angeles. How is this deal different from others struck by the NFL? Tune in to #Nerdland to find out.  

Joining our Saturday morning conversation will be:

  • Katon Dawson, National Republican Consultant, Fmr. South Carolina GOP Chair
  • Raul Reyes, Attorney Co-Host, “Changing America” on Shift MSNBC
  • Nina Turner,  Former Ohio State Senator
  • Bob Herbert, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Demos, Author, “Losing Our Way”
  • Ari Berman, Reporter, The Nation Magazine
  • Myrna Perez, Director, Voting Rights & Elections Project, Brennan Center for Justice
  • Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune Columnist
  • Kavitha Davidson, Sports Columnist, Bloomberg View  
  • Dave Zirin, Sports Columnist,  The Nation

To prep for our discussions, feel free to check out:

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