Melissa Harris Perry MHP The Syllabus

‘MHP’ Syllabus: 01.03.16

This Sunday, Melissa talks about the lessons of the Bill Cosby case. Could it change the way sexual assault cases are prosecuted? Could it encourage survivors to come forward? Melissa’s guests include attorney Gloria Allred.

Plus: the backlash over Twitter’s new diversity leader. Why the hiring of Jeffrey Siminoff has sparked a new debate over what we mean by diversity and the best way for companies to practice inclusion.

Plus a conversation on the issue of homelessness across the nation and a closer look at how the homeless are treated by law enforcement.

What will be President Obama’s crowning achievement in 2016? Listen in for the conversation as Melissa discusses with her panelists predictions and highlights of President Obama’s legacy.

And stick around for a look at White House photographer, Pete Souza’s, best pictures of 2015….we promise it will make you smile.

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