Pedestrians walk past a Lululemon Athletica store in New York, Mar. 19, 2013.

Lululemon founder steps down, still doesn’t understand anatomy


After offending much of his market base, Lululemon chairman and founder Chip Wilson will step down, according to a press release from the company. 

Wilson has been at the center of a firestorm of bad press after he said some women’s bodies just “don’t work” in the brand’s pants. This fall, Wilson responded to criticisms of low quality by saying that women’s thighs that rub together were eroding the pricey brand’s athletic clothing.

Women responded with outrage; as host Melissa Harris-Perry pointed out—thighs that touch aren’t uncommon.

“It’s a classic example of biting the thighs that feed you!” Harris-Perry said. “Nearly all of us have thighs that rub against each other!”

Wilson’s subsequent apology was lackluster—the founder said he was “sad for the repercussions of his action” but did not actually apologize for his remarks.

At present, Lululemon won’t even make pants larger than size 12, so this isn’t the first time some women have found themselves unwelcome at the yoga store for their size. He’s also made other objectionable remarks, like that breast cancer is caused in part by women working outside the home and taking birth control.

Wilson will be succeeded by Michael Casey, the lead director of the board, and the president of TOMS Shoes, Laurent Potdevin will take over as CEO after the planned exit of the previous chief executive.