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Join Melissa Harris-Perry for a #MHPTwitter chat!


Is hashtag activism, the likes of which prompted #CancelColbert and others, a revolutionary force in the public sphere or can it become a destructive internet mob?

Host Melissa Harris-Perry delved into the topic on her msnbc show Sunday with her panel of guests but, alas, there wasn’t enough time to explore the various ways that Twitter can both direct conversations and shut down others. There was more to talk about, so Harris-Perry and guest Zerlina Maxwell, a political analyst and contributing writer to theGrio, will keep the conversation going on Twitter this Thursday, April 10 at 11:30am ET.

To join the conversation, simply post questions for Melissa and Zerlina to their handles, @MHarrisPerry and @ZerlinaMaxwell, using #MHPtwitter.

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Follow the Twitter chat here! You can also watch the Twitter segments below. Be sure to check back here this Thursday where you can catch the conversation.

Melissa Harris-Perry, 4/6/14, 12:43 PM ET

Twitter – A revolution or a mob?

The MHP panel–Jeff Yang, Zerlina Maxwell, Brittney Cooper and Richard Lui–discuss the trending #CancelColbert and how Twitter can disrupt traditional hierarchies in the public sphere, but also create new ones.

Melissa Harris-Perry, 4/6/14, 12:38 PM ET

Harnessing the power of Twitter

The MHP table talks about the uses and pitfalls of “Black Twitter” and the reactionary judgment that can sometimes occur on Twitter.

Melissa Harris-Perry

Join Melissa Harris-Perry for a #MHPTwitter chat!