It’s #nerdland – of course there’s homework

It's #nerdland -- of course there's homework
It's #nerdland -- of course there's homework

For your homework this week, we have texts to help you delve into the topics we discussed in our Saturday and Sunday shows.

Rather than letting a conservative super-PAC use Rev. Jeremiah Wright as a scare tactic, and the black church as a divisive tool, we decided to try to understand the theological tradition that Jeremiah Wright operates in as a thinker and preacher. Learn more by reading a book by our guest Dwight Hopkins, “Introducing Black Theology of Liberation.”

On Sunday, we gathered a compelling panel of young women. These young ladies will be voting in the 2012 election for the first time, and we wanted to know what was important to them. Learn more by reading “A Little F’d Up: Why Feminism is Not a Dirty Word,” by one of our three amazing student guests, 19-year-old Barnard College student Julie Zeilinger.

We also highlighted the compelling case of Clarence Aaron, a prisoner serving three life sentences who continues seeking a presidential commutation. Read the ProPublica report, written by our guest Dafna Linzer, which originally drew our attention – as well as our blog post from earlier this week (which includes video from a 1999 PBS documentary that featured Aaron).

We were also excited to discuss the NAACP’s decision to support marriage equality today. Learn more about America’s oldest and most influential Civil Rights organization by reading the definitive text by Patricia Sullivan, “Lift Every Voice: The NAACP and the Making of the Civil Rights Movement.” And former Senator and presidential candidate Bill Bradley joined us to talk about his new book, “We Can All Do Better.”

Speaking of fascinating guests, remember that we’ll be welcoming Margaret Cho back to #nerdland next weekend. See you then!