Good Look: Melissa on ‘Maddow,’ on Aurora


Melissa sat in for Rachel Maddow last night on one of the biggest news nights of the year, and delivered two remarkable insights into the murders at a suburban Denver movie theater early yesterday. We’ll have a Good Look from last week’s shows up tomorrow, but it seems most appropriate to share those with you today. (The first is embedded below; the second, below the jump.)

First, she talked about politics:

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney were in agreement today that politics should not be a part of the conversation right now. Politics should in no way color our reaction to this horrific incident in Colorado. But politics is about policy… it’s about what we do as a country to deal with the problems that we face. They may not *want* politics to intrude here. But as this story continues to develop… they may not have much of a choice.

Then, about faith, prior to examining the question with former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert:

If we react, without faith, the Colorado massacre can make the problem worse. It is understandable why, in the wake of random, terrifying acts of violence we may want to scoop up our families and fall to our knees in prayers. It makes sense why we may want to do so behind locked doors and drawn curtains that shut out the suddenly scary and unpredictable people around us.

But that is the impulse we must resist by consciously cultivating our civic faith. If the experiment of self-government is going to survive, we must be willing to trust one another, even when trust feels foolish. 

There are common sense laws and policies that can make communities safer. If we are responsible, we will move toward enacting them. But no wall will ever be high enough to remove all of our vulnerability. 

A good society can never emerge from virtuous but isolated citizens. Democracy requires that we find a way to trust one another in our neighborhoods, our schools, and yes, in our movie theaters.

Melissa and our guests will have much more on the shooting on today’s show, so please join us at 10am ET on msnbc.




Good Look: Melissa on 'Maddow,' on Aurora