Cory Booker’s ‘young (& old) money clique’


I’m just going to let hip-hop DJ and videoblogger nonpareil Jay Smooth cook here, since this is about the best response I’ve seen anyone offer to Newark mayor Cory Booker’s defense of private equity and false equivalence on last week’s Meet the Pressincluding my own.

Jay touches on Booker’s Wall Street ties – cited by today’s guest Steve Kornacki in his response – and notes:

It made everything ten times more awkward than it would’ve been if Cory Booker had just come out and said, “I have allegiances to the private-equity world, and I think we should be fair to them.”

What’s most “nauseating” about all this to you, #nerdland? The comment thread is open.


Cory Booker's 'young (& old) money clique'