A.M. MHP: March 29


Seeing what George Zimmerman looked like after he killed Trayvon Martin has the potential to shake up the entire case. Again, I encourage you view the video above, compare it to what is described in the police report and the allegations of a broken nose and other injuries claimed by Zimmerman’s attorney, and draw your own conclusion. We’ll have more on this on the blog later, and on this weekend’s shows.

Zimmerman’s father gave a local interview last night. Melissa appeared on “The Last Word” last night to offer some of her reaction to that, the surveillance video, and provided more of her thoughts about the case. The first one is embedded above, the second after the jump.

In case you missed it, Melissa’s new column in The Nation is up, and it’s about the only thing Trayvon was guilty of that night.

A fake address for Zimmerman was circulated on social media, and the elderly couple who actually lives there has fled to a hotel.

The third day of Supreme Court oral arguments was another bad one for the Affordable Care Act.

If America hates “Obamacare” so much, why does it love what it does for them?

The New York Times put out a very long piece detailing the debt-ceiling fight. Did it prove last year’s politics to be pointless?

Florida Senator, “Tea Party” darling and potential VP pick Marco Rubio (R-FL) endorsed Mitt Romney yesterday – and much like Jeb Bush, paired his endorsement with an urging that the race come to an end soon. Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller thought that was a strategic mistake, one which made his VP selection less likely.

The joke appears to be on Romney after his laughing-off-layoffs gaffe yesterday.

A Democratic House member recalled her own rape in testimony backing the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Who is the woman behind the Elizabeth Warren hype?

There is a massive natural-gas leak out of a well north of Scotland. The rig workers are safe, but the leak may be getting much, much worse.

Again, the second half of Melissa’s appearance on “The Last Word,” below after the jump.

A.M. MHP: March 29