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E.g., 8/31/2014

The August 31 'MHP' Syllabus

08/30/14 11:48PM

On the eve of Labor Day, host Melissa Harris-Perry and guests will discuss the American workforce, from the gridiron to the casino, and beyond. 10am ET, msnbc. Read the Syllabus, then join us! read more

Open Letter: How to teach students about Ferguson

08/30/14 11:06AM

Host Melissa Harris-Perry sends an open letter to an Illinois school superintendent could use some help learning how to teach students about events in Ferguson. Help us out with your own suggestions in the comments, and on Twitter with #FergusonSyllabus! read more

Barack Obama

Obama is responsible for Ferguson, but not how you might think

08/28/14 12:42PM

In her latest column for The Nation magazine, host Melissa Harris-Perry explores how President Obama served as a role model for resistance in Ferguson, MO: "Despite Obama’s equivocations—and also somewhat against his will—the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, were his fault. And he should be proud." read more


The arc of justice runs through Ferguson

08/26/14 04:29PM

Three young black men were dead at the hands of the police. The police claimed a gun battle, but no weapons were ever found and witnesses said it was an execution. Nonetheless, the officers were not indicted -- and the local newspapers were not willing to investigate or press the issue. The community was outraged; the families bereft.This was not Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. read more

Ferguson shooting and unrest resonate in Atlanta-area demonstration

Latino communities must see Ferguson's fight as their own

08/20/14 05:14PM

The head of NDLON's #Not1More campaign outlines how Latino and immigrant activists can help prevent future police killings like that in Ferguson nearly two weeks ago: "We know the drill, because Michael Brown is not the first. But are we fed up enough to fight like we really want him to be the last?" read more

What it means to be a male ally for women

What it means to be a male ally for women

08/30/14 11:51AM

Dean Obeidallah recently joined forces with other male comedians to highlight the need for men to be part of the push to end violence against women. Obeidallah discusses what it means to be a male ally for women. watch