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E.g., 10/9/2015
E.g., 10/9/2015

'MHP' Syllabus: 10.10.15

10/09/15 06:31PM

This Saturday in #nerdland: America’s forgotten war, policing and a rise in violent crime, and a look at sneaker culture and one basketball star’s challenge.Tomorrow morning we talk about the investigation requested by the Doctors Without Borders organization into the recent U.S. airstrike which devastated a trauma hospital in Kunduz,... read more

Tensions intensify over Russian airstrikes

Tensions intensify over Russian airstrikes

10/04/15 11:24AM

Since Russia's airstrikes began in Syria, tensions have intensified over whether the target is ISIS, as the Russian government says, or whether the strikes are an attempt to bolster President Assad's regime. Alexander Kliment from Eurasia Group joins to discuss. watch

2016 speculation swirls around Biden

2016 speculation swirls around Biden

10/04/15 10:32AM

The "will he or won't he" speculation swirling around Vice President Joe Biden doesn't seem as though it will let up any time soon. Katon Dawson, Tara Dowdell, Christopher Borick and Marcus Mabry join to discuss. watch

Poll shows major drop off for Trump in NH

Poll shows major drop off for Trump in NH

10/04/15 10:10AM

Are there early signs of erosion for Donald Trump? National Republican consultant Katon Dawson, business and political marketing consultant Tara Dowdell, Christopher Borick from the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion and The New York Times' Marcus Mabry discuss the new polling numbers from Iowa and New Hampshire. watch

'MHP' Syllabus: 10.4.15

10/03/15 05:18PM

‘This Sunday in #nerdland: New Marist polls on 2016 Presidential Candidates, an update on the tragedy in Oregon, and a look at a budget crisis that could affect minority voters.   Tomorrow morning we bring you the latest Marist polls on the 2016 presidential candidates. We’ll speak to our panel about the political strategies in play and how that... read more

Chicago faces escalating gun violence

Chicago faces escalating gun violence

10/03/15 10:50AM

The Chicago Tribune says September is the city's deadliest in 13 years with 60 homicides. Charlene Carruthers from the Black Youth Project and The Chicago Tribune's Alexandra Chachkevitch join to discuss. watch

How the economy fares under Dem & GOP...

How the economy fares under Dem & GOP presidents

10/03/15 10:28AM

Christina Greer, Grover Norquist, David Cay Johnston, Katon Dawson and Perry Bacon Jr. join to discuss Donald Trump's plan to slash the top corporate tax rate by more than half and how the economy is affected under Democratic and Republican presidential administrations. watch


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