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E.g., 8/2/2014

The August 2 'MHP' Syllabus

08/01/14 11:06PM

The Staten Island arrest of Eric Garner last month ended his life. On Friday, his death was ruled a homicide, by chokehold. We'll have live reaction from his family on Saturday, plus discussions on the optics of war, the GOP's border bill vote, the Ebola outbreak, and more! 10am ET on msnbc, #nerdland. read more

Gary Barnett

Melissa Harris-Perry: Lower-income stigma embodied in 'poor door'

07/28/14 11:42AM

In her weekly open letter, host Melissa Harris-Perry addresses Gary Barnett, founder and president of an NYC development company whose new building will have a separate entrance for lower-income tenants: "What might feel good, Mr. Barnett, is that when they are able to access affordable housing, they don't have to enter through a separate door. That their home doesn't reinforce the idea that having less means being less." read more

Who says Cleveland needs saving?

07/28/14 12:37PM

LeBron James' return to Cleveland spotlights the city's rebound, and speaks to fellow Northeast Ohio expatriates like "MHP" producer Jamil Smith. Pivoting off the show's July 13 coverage, he writes about Cleveland's "brain drain," the temptation to return home himself to help "fix" things, and the dangers of the savior complex. read more

Obama: Boys teased for 'acting white'

Obama: Boys teased for 'acting white'

07/27/14 11:22AM

At an event promoting his My Brother's Keeper initiative this week, President Obama suggested that African American boys face the problem of being teased for academic success by those who claim these are attributes of watch

Why the 'magical black father' is a myth

Why the 'magical black father' is a myth

07/27/14 10:59AM

A New Jersey news anchor recently blamed a local cop killing and anti-police sentiment among African Americans on a lack of black fathers. But does that ignore the real root of the problem – and put an unrealistic spotlight on black fatherhood? Michael Er watch

Death toll for Ebola outbreak growing

Death toll for Ebola outbreak growing

07/27/14 10:00AM

The death toll for the Ebola outbreak is steadily growing in West Africa. Laurie Garrett from the Council on Foreign Relations, Steve Monroe from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Tarik Jasarevic, spokesperson for the World Health Organi watch