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Top Lines: Paula Deen, 'deja vu,' John Boehner, and President Obama

09/16/13 05:31PM

Another week begins and everyone, from Paula Deen to our old pals at Fox & Friends, are trying to turn over a new leaf. In Washington, however, “it’s déjà vu all over again” as a series of deadlines comes into view that could spell big trouble between the White House and Republicans who control the House of Representatives. Speaker John... read more

COC Benghazi Report - Traci Lee - 09/16/2013

Benghazi, again. New report criticizes investigation

09/16/13 05:21PM

House Republicans are criticizing the review board that investigated last year's attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. A new report released Monday by House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa accuses the Accountability Review Board (ARB) of conducting a flawed investigation, which pro... read more

FBI releases photo of alleged Navy Yard...

FBI releases photo of alleged Navy Yard shooter

09/16/13 05:18PM

MSNBC's Craig Melvin updates MSNBC's Martin Bashir on the situation in Washington, D.C. in the aftermath of the Navy Yard shooting. The FBI is seeking information about the deceased alleged shooter and has released a poster with his photo and numbers to call. watch

Nina Davuluri - Traci Lee - 09/16/2013

Miss America crown goes to an Indian American for first time

09/16/13 02:30PM

Miss New York Nina Davuluri became the first Indian-American woman to be crowned Miss America on Sunday night, and the second Asian American to win the title in the pageant's history. The 24-year-old New York native, who is currently applying to medical school, is also the second Miss Syracuse to win the competition—the first being Vanessa... read more

Obama’s caution over UN’s Syria proposal

Obama’s caution over UN’s Syria proposal

09/13/13 05:23PM

NBC’s Kristen Welker reports the latest on negotiations over a possible U.N. resolution on Syria’s use of chemical weapons; then The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson and Lehigh University’s Dr. James Peterson join guest host Jonathan Capehart to... watch

Del. Norton on ‘bigot’ Jesse Helms

Del. Norton on ‘bigot’ Jesse Helms

09/13/13 05:22PM

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-District of Columbia, joins guest host Jonathan Capehart to set the record straight on why – contra Sen. Ted Cruz - the Senate doesn’t need another 100 people like Jesse Helms. Then both discuss the odds of a government... watch

Far right conservatives heart Putin

Far right conservatives heart Putin

09/13/13 05:18PM

Time Magazine’s Michael Crowley and The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons join guest host Jonathan Capehart to discuss the amount of far right-wing love for Russian President Vladimir Putin after his New York Times op-ed – and then debate what Obama needs to do... watch

Hillary’s 2016 Syria dilemma

Hillary’s 2016 Syria dilemma

09/13/13 05:16PM

MSNBC host Toure and The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank discuss how much former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s stance on Syria will matter come 2016. watch

Fallout from New Jersey fire, Colorado...

Fallout from New Jersey fire, Colorado flooding

09/13/13 05:16PM

NBC’s Kristen Dalhgren reports on the damage from the devastating fire that hit Seaside Heights, New Jersey Thursday; then guest host Jonathan Capehart details the effort to contain the massive flooding in Colorado watch

California Minimum Wage - 09/13/2013

Finally. Working class to get a wage hike

09/13/13 12:17PM

The nation's most populous state, California, will soon also hold one of the country's highest minimum wages after the state legislature passed a bill Thursday issuing a raise to its working class. The legislation, which passed along party lines, would increase the state's current minimum wage from $8 an hour to $9 in July 2014, ... read more

Bashir: Putin’s ‘exceptional’ hypocrisy

Bashir: Putin’s ‘exceptional’ hypocrisy

09/12/13 05:11PM

Martin Bashir summons the words of then-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, after the United States entered World War II, to dissect the difference between the hypocrisy of Russia and Vladimir Putin – and the true “exceptionalism” of the United... watch

Putin’s ‘statesmanship’ is a GOP fantasy

Putin’s ‘statesmanship’ is a GOP fantasy

09/12/13 05:10PM

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, joins Martin Bashir to explain why Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Op/Ed in The New York Times shouldn’t distract us from the painstaking steps it will take to corroborate that Syria “means what it says” about chemical weapons disarmament; then he explains why the GOP’s latest push to defund Obamacare is a... watch


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