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E.g., 8/11/2020
Eliot Spitzer - Traci Lee - 09/11/2013

Sex doesn’t sell for scandal-plagued pols

09/11/13 04:46PM

First it was disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner who re-entered New York's political fray, claiming he was a changed man seeking forgiveness. And for a while, his chances of redemption seemed almost possible: The Democrat managed to lead a crowded candidate field in a bid for city mayor. But whispers of a comeback crashed and burne... read more

Syria Storify - Nisha Chittal - 09/11/2013

Americans ask #wherewereyou on 9/11 anniversary

09/11/13 01:54PM

Americans turned to social media to share their memories, thoughts, and tributes on the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The City of New York: The New York City Fire Department: read more

How credible is Russia’s Syria proposal?

How credible is Russia’s Syria proposal?

09/10/13 04:41PM

The Brooking Institution’s Michael O’Hanlon joins Martin Bashir to debate whether Russia’s proposal to avert a U.S-led Syrian missile strike is credible – and just what the details of such a deal would look like. watch

Top Lines: Hannity, Limbaugh, nerds,...

Top Lines: Hannity, Limbaugh, nerds, Colbert and the m-word

09/10/13 04:29PM

Sean Hannity talks about the enemy’s mothers; Rush Limbaugh talks about Obama’s “shuck and jive”; Stephen Colbert says America will bring down an “unbelievably small” hammer on Syria; and Ann Coulter calls Vladimir Putin a real man – while Obama looks... watch

No chance for GOP in defeating Obamacare?

No chance for GOP in defeating Obamacare?

09/10/13 04:17PM

Business Insider’s Josh Barro and The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim briefly discuss the little-discussed Republican candidates' chances in the New York City mayoral elections. Then, they discuss how Republicans can call The Affordable Care Act an ... watch

Obama moves on Syria deal before primetime...

Obama moves on Syria deal before primetime speech

09/10/13 03:59PM

Mother Jones’ David Corn and National Review’s Robert Costa hash out the fast-moving events of the past 24 hours on Syria: what to make of Russia’s Syria deal, whether Vladimir Putin is serious about a diplomatic solution and what this means for... watch

Hawaii gov. calls special session on gay marriage - Traci Lee - 09/10/2013

Hawaii eyes becoming 14th state to legalize gay marriage

09/10/13 03:26PM

Hawaii will convene a special legislative session that could make the state the 14th in the country to legalize same-sex marriage. "The decision to call a special session is based on doing what is right to create equity for all in Hawaii," Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie said in a statement released Monday. "The merits of holdin... read more

Palin: Enough with Syria, let's bomb Obamacare

09/10/13 11:09AM

Sarah Palin is back and wants to talk some more about those so-called "death panels." "Enough of this foreign fiasco distraction," the former Alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate wrote on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. "Get back to work. It is time to bomb Obamacare." Palin then links to a two-minut... read more

Top Lines: Obama, Syria, Kerry, and Team...

Top Lines: Obama, Syria, Kerry, and Team America

09/09/13 07:07PM

President Barack Obama starts big PR push on Syria; it helps that John Kerry speaks good French; Peter King trots out the “community organizer” attack line; Obama’s chief of staff has a busy Sunday; and one commentator swears Obama’s second term hangs... watch

What’s behind Obama’s Syria messaging?

What’s behind Obama’s Syria messaging?

09/09/13 07:02PM

MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor and The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank debate why the President Obama has failed to sell the public on a missile strike against Syria – and whether that has anything to do with voters more concerned with the economy and... watch

Previewing Obama’s address on Syria

Previewing Obama’s address on Syria

09/09/13 06:57PM

The Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page joins Martin Bashir to discuss what, if anything, President Barack Obama can say during his national, primetime address Tuesday to convince a skeptical American public to support missile strikes against Syria. watch

Assad: ‘Expect everything’ in response to...

Assad: ‘Expect everything’ in response to any missile strike

09/09/13 06:51PM

Lara Setrakian, managing editor of “Syria Deeply”, and Steven Cook, with the Council on Foreign Relations, debate the consequences of a possible missile strike – as well as the costs of supporting true regime change – as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad... watch


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