Top Links: Why Sen. Joe Manchin thinks second time’s the charm on background checks

Sen. Joe Manchin says his background checks bill eventually will pass.
Sen. Joe Manchin says his background checks bill eventually will pass.
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Top story: Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia — half of the Manchin-Toomey background checks bill that went down in defeat two weeks ago — says his bill isn’t dead and eventually will pass. He may be right.

  • Sen. Manchin made the comments on an appearance the Sunday talk shows. (Associated Press)
  • Robert Levy, one of the top people at the conservative Cato Institute, is on board. (Cato)
  • The question is whether the Toomey half of Manchin-Toomey is on board (The Huffington Post)
  • Sen. Toomey: “Until we have such reason to believe that we’d have a different outcome I think the issue is resolved by the Senate. I accept when the senate speaks and so I’ve turned my attention to the fiscal and economic matters that I’ve normally focused on.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Five “no” votes will have to become “yes” votes for background checks to pass. And as the 2014 midterms get closer, that math gets harder and harder. (The Fix)
  • The problem — at least according to this Washington Examiner report — isn’t so much the NRA as Tea Party-backed senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. (Timothy Carney)
  • Oh, and senators like James Inhofe who is against — yes, against — closing the terrorist loophole on gun purchases. (Igor Volsky)
  • Of course, it took almost seven years and three presidents for gun control advocates to pass the Brady Bill. So nothing’s impossible. (Fordham Urban Law Journal)
  • And then there is recent polling, which has not been kind to some of the senators who voted against background checks. (Public Policy Polling)
  • Gallup: Two-thirds of voters think the Senate should have passed Manchin-Toomey. (Gallup)
  • The NRA is even having to run ads for Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-New Hampshire, after her popularity nose-dived after the vote. (Think Progress)
  • Bloomberg News’ excellent editorial on the way forward on background checks — force gun dealers to comply with oft-broken firearms laws — has this interesting statistic: “a 2000 report by the ATF found that only 2 percent of licensed dealers accounted for more than half of the guns used in crimes in 1998 that were traced to dealers.” (Bloomberg)

Top Links: Why Sen. Joe Manchin thinks second time's the charm on background checks