Top Links: Petraeus on the Hill, Biden on ‘Parks & Rec,’ Hostess calls its quits and Klingons in the Defense Department

Egon, tell America about the Twinkie.
Egon, tell America about the Twinkie.
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David Petraeus may be the only person in America not glad it’s Friday. Well, him and everyone who works at Hostess. Everybody else, have a great weekend.

  • David Petraeus lives up to his former spook title and arrived surreptitiously on Capitol Hill Friday. He’ll be grilled by House Intelligence Committee members about Benghazi and not, you know, anything else that might have happened in the last week. (Associated Press)
  • The Gaza ceasefire collapses as Israel drafts 16,000 reservists. (NBC News)
  • Everyone seems to agree that the most significant development in this Gaza fight–versus previous encounters–is that Egypt’s new government is backing Gaza much more publicly, as witnessed by the visit of its prime minister. (Marc Lynch) and (Jenan Moussa)
  • The New York Times and Washington Post seem to be at odds over whether the Gang of Six is taking an active role in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations. Also, whether they’re a Gang of Six or a Gang of Eight. Gang of Six is helping: (The Washington Post); Gang of Eight is stepping back: (The New York Times)
  • “Like an old mob movie, those who have crossed [House Speaker John Boehner] are mysteriously disappearing left and right, while those who have pledged fealty to him are being rewarded with plum positions and important titles.” (Roll Call)
  • Microbrewed beer, homemade beef jerky and discussions on “Did Jesus die for Klingons, too?”: Trader Joe’s: The Next Generation? No, the Defense Department.

    (Boston Globe)
  • The middle class tax cuts benefit the wealthy, too. Call it “Trickle Up Economics.” (Off the Charts)
  • Maine’s GOP chair apologizes for his comments about only black people committing voter fraud. And then he insults the Chinese: “If you live in a town of a few hundred people and you go to the post office every day, if there’s someone who doesn’t look like you, you usually know that. And that’s why when folks called me and said, ‘Where did this Chinese man come from? We don’t have any Chinese people here. Where did they come from?” Well, I don’t know! It’s a good point.” But don’t worry: He says he has “several black friends.” (Talking Points Memo)
  • Joe Biden guested on Parks and Recreation Thursday. Remember this moment in history in all its GIF glory. (The Atlantic Wire)
  • Wish you could begin your Thanksgiving vacation today? Well, then you should’ve been a U.S. senator. (On Congress)
  • Mitt Romney: bad with numbers. (The Fact Checker)
  • Hostess, maker of Ding Dongs, Ho-Ho’s, Twinkies and a lot of other double entendre treats, is liquidating its 82-year-old businesses. (Wall Street Journal)
  • And the last time Hostess declared bankruptcy? They were nearly purchased by Mexico’s single entendre “Bimbo Bakeries.” Seriously, it’s like a “Benny Hill” sketch over there. (Slate)

Top Links: Petraeus on the Hill, Biden on 'Parks & Rec,' Hostess calls its quits and Klingons in the Defense Department