Top Links: October 29


“You didn’t know there would be problems until the day it launched? This is your signature program, your name is on it.” -Jon Stewart

  • Did the president’s administration know millions could not keep their health insurance? (NBC News)
    • The White House has rejected that report… (Politico)
  • Here’s what to expect during Medicare administrator Marilyn Tavenner’s testimony on the Hill over (Wonkblog)
  • President Obama may ban spying on heads of allied states (NY Times)
  • Spy chiefs to face Congress as European allies complain about surveillance (NBC News)
  • ‘Obamacare’ and NSA spying: What did the president know, and when did he find out? (CNN)
  • Joe Biden is on the sidelines in gun control talks (Politico)
  • President Obama to hit the trail Sunday with Terry McAuliffe in Virginia governer’s race (Washington Post)
  • Stand Your Ground is in the spotlight on the Hill (Huffington Post)
  • Did Rand Paul plagiarize a speech from Wikipedia? (Rachel Maddow Show)
  • Judge strikes down parts of Texas abortion law (MSNBC)
  • Superstorm Sandy: one year later (NBC News)