Top Links: Nov. 6


“Yes, the president was somewhat dishonest about the premise of his health care program…[but] his opponents have been lying like motherf******s about its effects.” -Jon Stewart

  • “The surprisingly close Virginia governor’s race may be over, but the campaign to assign blame has only just begun.” (The Week)
  • Lying about lies: Why credibility matters to President Obama (National Journal)
  • In Alabama, an “establishment” Republican beat out big money to win over a Tea Party-supported candidate (NY Times)
  • Voters in Portland, Maine vote to legalize marijuana (Portland Press Herald)
  • Illinois is poised to become the 15th state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage (Huffington Post)
  • Latest PPP survey shows a four-way split among conservatives over the GOP’s 2016 nominee (Politico)
  • New York City voters overwhelmingly chose the city’s first Democratic mayor in more than two decades (NY Times)
  • Hope is fading fast that there will be a change in how military sexual assault cases are handled (Politico)
  • The Washington Times has suspended Sen. Rand Paul’s weekly column over the latest plagiarism allegations (MSNBC)
  • House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions accidentally reveals the GOP has no interest in governing (Huffington Post)