Top Links: Nov. 4


  • You knew it was coming: the Ted Cruz/Rand Paul divide in the GOP (NY Times)
  • Back in the spotlight: Mitt Romney says President Obama’s ‘dishonesty’ on health care puts second term in peril (Meet the Press)
  • The Senate is poised to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, 17 years after the Senate last voted (and failed to pass) it (MSNBC)
  • Maine gubernatorial candidate Rep. Mike Michaud came out as gay in an op-ed (Portland Press Herald)
  • Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist plans to announce he’s running for Florida governor again–but this time as a Democrat (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Gov. Chris Christie yelled at a teacher. Again. (Washington Post)
  • Ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial election, President Obama stumps for Terry McAuliffe (Politico
  • More details of Friday’s LAX shooting have emerged (NBC News)