Roadside distractions: Billboard says ‘Comrade Obama’

Anti-Obama billboard on a highway in Georgia
Anti-Obama billboard on a highway in Georgia

With just 11 days to go till the election, Americans are being bombarded with political messages. While they can be forgiven for tuning out most advertising, some messages are just too hard to ignore.

A billboard in Forsyth County, Georgia has caught the attention of drivers with a rotating set of ads. The most egregious of the ads, pictured above, shows a picture of Adolf Hitler in the look of Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster, with the words “Comrade Obama” and a hammer and sickle to the left.

It’s unlikely that these billboards are going to sway the minds of most Americans– after all, Barack Obama has been president for long enough for voters to know that he’s not a fascist, or a communist, or somehow both.

But that hasn’t stopped right wing extremists from trying: Earlier this week the New York Times reported on an anti- Obama film named “Dreams from My Real Father” being mailed to voters in swing states. The film alleges that Obama’s actual father was Frank Marshall Davis, a left-wing activist and to top it all off, Obama’s mother posed in bondage magazines.

So convinced of his “revelation” that the director of the film, Joel Gilbert, tells the New York Times, “I hope you’re not angry or jealous that I beat you to it and might win the Pulitzer Prize.” You can see the trailer for the film below.

The billboard has since been removed, though the identity of the billboard sponsor remains unknown.  One of the images reads “I was anti-Obama before anti-Obama was cool.” Maybe just a ring-wing hipster with something to prove?


Roadside distractions: Billboard says 'Comrade Obama'