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#GunCrisis: A mission to stop gun violence in Philadelphia


As the Senate Judiciary Committee continues to push forward on piecemeal gun safety legislation this week, President Obama will rally grassroots supporters on Wednesday—keeping them motivated for the tough congressional fights ahead.

Over the last 25 years, at least one person is murdered every day in Philadelphia, and more than 75% of those victims were killed with a gun. Those statistics are part of what has motivated Jim MacMillan to document every instance, within the last year, of gun violence that has taken place in the city of brotherly love.

Using what can sometimes be very graphic images of crime scenes, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, hopes to raise awareness about what he calls an ‘epidemic of homicide by gunfire’.

The Gun Crisis Reporting Project also hopes to inspire solutions that will reduce the number of gun violence victims.

Solving the problem of gun violence has been an on-going contentious bi-partisan battle.

MacMillian’s own theory is that addressing public health is the path forward.

Just this morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a student at a school for troubled teens was taken into police custody, after being found with a handgun.

Watch Martin Bashir’s interview with Jim MacMillan today 4:30pm ET, and visit MacMillan’s blog, #GunCrisis: Philadelphia.