Behind the scenes with Team Bashir in the control room.

#FollowFriday: Live tweeting with the Martin Bashir team


 The Martin Bashir show is on Twitter, and we want you to follow us!

 Of course, there is our show account—@BashirLive—but there are also several members of the team with Twitter accounts worth following.

 You can find us all on this Twitter list, but here’s a little something to introduce you to our team members and what they’re tweeting about:

@schoetz – Executive Producer
I’ve worked in newspapers (Cape Cod Times, Boston Globe), digital (,, and broadcast (ABC News Nightline and now msnbc). My Twitter interests include, but are not limited to, my hometown of Boston, politics, sport and scandal. I also keep a running pictorial of the classic cars of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

@ginafellows66  Director
I’ve been a television director for 14 years, 9 of which have been at msnbc. Working on the Martin Bashir show has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had here. I’m proud to be a part of our daily broadcasts, covering the issues that matter most to me from gun control to women’s health and reproductive rights.

@TimmycNYC - Senior Producer
Former Morning Joe night owl. Amateur bicyclist, soccer enthusiast, and espresso junkie. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Born in the USA. Save Ferris.

@thatnyshie  Segment Producer
Formerly of CNN, Fox News (yes, Fox) and most importantly, Viet Nam News, where I honed punning skills and taught reporters about the proper translation of manure (it is not a four-letter word beginning with “s”). Because I spent a couple of years overseas, and speak Spanglish, I like to think of myself as an expert in foreign affairs. I also have a Master’s in creative writing, which I’m putting to use co-writing the musical Two Minutes to Carney with @MrJohnFlowers. I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn but do not watch Girls or The Newsroom because I can’t afford HBO.

@MrJohnFlowers – Segment Producer
I spent the bulk of my career in print, at Time magazine and Dow Jones Newswires, before falling backwards into a TV gig at CNBC. There, I wrote a personal finance show (a source of deep irony). I began segment producing for msnbc in September 2011, writing about politics and the economy for NOW with Alex Wagner and, now, Martin Bashir.

@noelmhartman – Segment Producer
Formerly of ABC News and Bloomberg TV. Born in Philadelphia, resident of Brooklyn. Lover of dead languages, live television and U.S. politics, from the New Deal to the present. Form is emptiness, emptiness form.

@michelleambrown - Line Producer
Born in Jersey, grew up in Jamaica (the island), moved to the states for college, temporarily living in Jamaica (Queens). I ditched my old PR/Marketing job in Miami for the bright studio lights in NYC, and got my start as an intern over at theGrio. Three-and-a-half years later, and a couple more stints in the building, I’m now the line producer for Martin Bashir.  I cook (almost) everything with scotch bonnet peppers, I bake, I love a good book, and I wish I was a better dancer.

@goayango – Associate Producer
I began my time in news as a bright-eyed intern for Martin Bashir two years ago and have worked my way up to a slightly-grizzled, but still bright-eyed, producer.  I’m also an amateur filmmaker/photographer, avid consumer of trashy reality TV, and obsessive beachgoer.

@meaghancorzine – Graphics Producer
Before joining Team Bashir as a graphics producer, I worked as a dayside anchor producer for NewsNation, Andrea Mitchell Reports, and The Cycle. Prior to working at msnbc during the summer of 2012, I produced short local stories for the New York area. Aside from the ever-evolving world of politics, I’m an avid fan of live music and strong espresso.

@traciglee  Digital Producer
Formerly of NPR News and Education Week. Before joining the Martin Bashir team, I worked as a multimedia producer at, involved in reporting for the web and video production for msnbc prime time (from Hardball with Chris Matthews to The Rachel Maddow Show). I write/rant about education, AAPI issues, equality, and social media/technology. I think I’m funnier than I actually am, so sorry about that.