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Lockup: Charleston – William Jarrett

Lockup: Charleston – William Jarrett

12/11/14 03:11PM

At the Al Cannon Detention Center it can be a challenge for staff to balance security concerns with the psychological needs of the inmates.  Take a look at how they deal with one man who says he just can’t manage in the small cell he’s been assigned. watch

Lockup: Charleston – Joseph Mayberry

Lockup: Charleston – Joseph Mayberry

12/10/14 02:27PM

On Saturday, Lockup will look closely at the issues surrounding mentally ill inmates, telling the story of Joseph Mayberry. Here is a bit about his case. We hope you'll tune in at 10 pm ET and then join the Facebook discussion about this important topic. watch

Lockup: Charleston – Tilghman Kronsberg

Lockup: Charleston – Tilghman Kronsberg

12/04/14 01:07PM

Many inmates have a lengthy stay in jail as their cases are prepared, their trial dates set.  For this Charleston inmate, there has been  lot of time to reflect on what went wrong the night he and his girlfriend got into a heated argument. watch

Lockup: Charleston – Officer Greene

Lockup: Charleston – Officer Greene

11/26/14 03:23PM

In Charleston it’s not uncommon for the officers to be old neighborhood friends with the inmates they now secure.  It’s a relationship that is especially helpful when trying to get information about trouble on the streets. watch


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