Experience Life Behind Bars with “Lockup 360”


Introducing the “Lockup 360” virtual reality app created by MSNBC and Ovrture.  We invite you to go inside a county jail and engage with the long-running documentary series in an entirely new way. 

How do I access?
We have provided many ways for you to experience life behind bars, behind the screen of your choice.

For Mobile Users:
We suggest iPhone users download the free app directly from the App Store and Android users can download from the Google Play Store. For optimal viewing, we suggest that you pair these apps with Google Cardboard available here.

VR Headset Users:
For the premium experience, “Lockup 360” is also available with all VR headsets with Oculus Share. Don’t have your own VR headset? Samsung’s GearVR is a popular model compatible with the Galaxy Note 4, S6 and S6 edge smartphones. The Zeiss VR One and VisusVR also run with most new models of Android and iPhones.

Desktop Users:
Also available on all desktop computers with internet connection, you can visit our pages on either Youtube 360 or Vrideo.com, or access through Facebook 360.

Experiencing “Lockup 360”
For the first time, Lockup is no longer confined by the 2-D screen. Using virtual reality technology, you are in control of the 360° panorama video. Turning your head one way and then another, you create the sensation that you inhabit the same space as the inmates and officers next to you.

See for yourself.

Lockup, 11/12/15, 11:35 AM ET

Experience “Lockup 360”

“Lockup 360” allows you to become captivated by a world behind bars. Check out the VR experience bringing you closer to an American jail.

For the past fifteen years, Lockup has revealed the raw realities of the justice system. Now you can go a step further with “Lockup 360,” immersing yourself in life behind bars.

Experience Life Behind Bars with “Lockup 360”