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The True Cost of cheap clothing

The True Cost of cheap clothing

06/24/15 11:24AM

Krystal Ball digs deep on the real costs – “the hearts and hands” -- of your favorite cheap clothing brands with “The True Cost” film director Andrew Morgan. watch

She ran from a T-Rex wearing…what?!

She ran from a T-Rex wearing…what?!

06/24/15 11:18AM

Who knew the most outrageous thing in a movie filled with extinct dinosaurs would be the female star’s shoe choice? A new Tumblr blog from writer Julianne Ross shows she’s not the only female heroine wearing some wildly ridiculous shoes while in action. watch

U.S. retailers ditch Confederate flag...

U.S. retailers ditch Confederate flag merchandise

06/24/15 11:15AM

Kudos are due to those major American retailers adding their voices to the growing chorus of legislators and citizens calling for the confederate flag to come down – both from their shelves, and from flagpoles everywhere. watch

Apple's ‘Swift’ response to Taylor open...

Apple's ‘Swift’ response to Taylor open letter

06/24/15 11:13AM

Is there anything Taylor Swift can’t do? Liz Plank and Krystal Ball plan their list of requests for Taylor Swift and discuss her latest open letter to Apple about its new music streaming service, Apple Music. watch

Femship: the new power couple

Femship: the new power couple

06/10/15 11:34AM

Liz Plank, Monica Mehta, and Krystal Ball talk female friendship, ladies supporting ladies, and their own Taylor Swift inspired #SquadGoals. watch

Zoe Saldana got the best wedding present ever

Zoe Saldana got the best wedding present ever

06/10/15 11:18AM

The A-list actress just got married – and now she’s breaking from conventional practices by not taking her husband’s last name. Quite the opposite: he’s taking hers. Kudos to the Saldanas! watch

Feminist revenge: A summer must read!

This feminist revenge fantasy novel is a summer must read!

06/03/15 11:35AM

The new novel "Dietland" exposes just how absurd our beauty obsession is through the life of Plum Kettle, a woman who will do anything to become thin. Think Amy Shumer meets feminist Fight Club and you'll be in the right ballpark. Author Sarai Walker... watch


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