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E.g., 7/18/2019

A K.I.N.D. miracle from Alabama

12/12/13 12:30PM

Lawrence O'Donnell traveled to the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama to accept a donation to the K.I.N.D fund for over $18,000 from the church's Cub Scout Pack #3415 read more

Kid President talks K.I.N.D. fund

12/11/13 05:30PM

Take some advice from the Kid President and do something look for someone else like donate to K.I.N.D. Lawrence O'Donnell shares a special message from the pint-sized commander in chief. read more

Helping African kids get a better education

12/05/13 11:45PM

Hundreds of thousands of kids in Africa are sitting at desks for the first time in their lives thanks to the generous donations to the K.I.N.D. fund. Lawrence O’Donnell provides an update. read more

Share the K.I.N.D. story

12/03/12 11:00PM

Lawrence O’Donnell asks viewers to tell their friends and family about the K.I.N.D fund and to help get Malawi children off the floor. read more

K.I.N.D. donations spike over holidays

12/27/11 11:45PM

The holiday weekend didn’t slow down your generous donations to the K.I.N.D. fund. Lawrence O’Donnell shares more of your wonderful messages about the inspiration behind that clip. read more