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Lifelong GOP'er convinced on Clinton

Lifelong Republican convinced on Clinton

07/28/16 03:34PM

Doug Elmets, a former Reagan White House staffer and lifelong Republican, has voted for a Republican for four decades. Now, he's with her. He discusses with MSNBC's Kate Snow his decision to vote for Hillary Clinton and how Donald Trump has "hijacked" the GOP. watch

Drive-By Truckers band on Dem unity

Drive-By Truckers band on Dem unity

07/26/16 04:42PM

The alt-country rock band, Drive-By Truckers, will be performing their unique blend of rock infused music with a political message down the road from the DNC at Gabby Gifford’s “Americans for Responsible Solutions” event. MSNBC’s Kate Snow spoke to the band about the need for party unity. watch

Can Dems get their ducks in a row?

Can the Democrats get their ducks in a row?

07/26/16 03:51PM

Republicans say the Democratic Party is in disarray; the Democrats say the GOP is the party with insurmountable problems. Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily's List joins MSNBC's Kate Snow from the second day of the Democratic National Convention to discuss. watch

RNC: Dem 'star power' won't cut it

RNC: Dem 'star power' won't cut it

07/26/16 03:47PM

RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer doesn't think most of America will be impressed with the DNC and its celebrity guests. He joins MSNBC's Kate Snow to discuss. watch

Will Trump's convention 'bump' hold?

Will Trump's convention 'bump' hold?

07/25/16 03:26PM

Dan Kanninen, 2012 Northeastern States Director for Obama for America, discusses Donald Trump's post-convention poll "bounce" and the fluidity of news that has made politics especially unpredictable this election year. watch


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