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Will Mayor Emanuel resign?

Will Mayor Emanuel resign?

12/02/15 09:04AM

In Chicago, protestors are calling for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign the day after he fired the city’s Police Superintendent over the handling of a fatal police shooting involving a teenager. The Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet, explains some of the questions that are still surrounding this case. watch

Forever Family’s focus on kids in foster care

Forever Family’s focus on kids in foster care

12/01/15 10:50AM

MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart sits down with Gia Tutalo-Mote, the founder of Forever Family, in honor of 'Giving Tuesday.' Forever Family is a program that uses media to raise awareness of the 500,000 American children waiting in foster care. watch

Carter:US deploying specialized force in Iraq

Carter: US deploying specialized force in Iraq

12/01/15 10:36AM

The House Armed Services Committee is digging deeper into America’s military strategy in Syria and Iraq. Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Joint Chief Chairman Joseph Dunford are testifying in the hearing on Tuesday morning. NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski and General Barry McCaffrey report on Carter’s announcement that the U.S. will be deploying... watch

Miami Dolphins raise money for cancer

Miami Dolphins raise money for cancer research

12/01/15 09:45AM

In honor of 'Giving Tuesday,' MSNBC's Jose Diaz-Balart features a charity led by the Miami Dolphin’s football team. The Dolphin’s Cancer Challenge (DCC) raises money for research at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami. The CEO of DCC, Michael Mandich, explains what the challenge is and how much... watch

Planned Parenthood shooter faces charges

Accused Planned Parenthood shooter faces charges

12/01/15 09:28AM

In Colorado, prosecutors will file formal charges next week against the man accused of fatally shooting three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic. 57-year-old Robert Dear made his first court appearance on Monday via a video feed. NBC’s Black McCoy reports. watch

Pres.:'We’re not turning back’

Pres.: ‘We’re not turning back’ on climate agenda

12/01/15 09:08AM

President Obama held a press conference Tuesday following his climate talks with world leaders in Paris. The President of NextGen Climate, Tom Steyer, comments on Obama’s press conference and explains the cost efficiency behind the climate issue. watch

Obama’s climate talks shift to ISIS

Obama’s climate talks shift to ISIS

12/01/15 09:06AM

During President Obama’s press conference in Paris following the climate talks with world leaders, much of the questions shifted away from climate and focused more on ISIS. MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki reports. watch

11 priests in Mexico killed in past 3 years

11 priests in Mexico killed in past three years

11/30/15 10:41AM

According to the Los Angeles Times, 11 priests in Mexico have been violently killed in the past three years and two more are still missing. Founder of, Deborah Bonello, explains why priests are the target in these drug wars. watch


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