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Students on debt, voting and battleground FL

Students on debt, activism and battleground Florida

03/04/16 10:51AM

MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart meets with student voters at Florida International University. Student Body President Alexis Calatayud, Alex Flores of the FIU Democrats and Mauricio Pons of the FIU Republicans explain what student voters want in the 2016 presidential election and beyond. watch

The Republican 'food fight' intensifies

The Republican 'food fight' intensifies

03/04/16 10:07AM

Americans are watching as chaos continues for the Republican Party, and everyone is wondering: is anyone capable of stopping Donald Trump? MSNBC's Elise Jordan and Politico's Marc Caputo join Jose Diaz-Balart to discuss. watch

Is the GOP bullying Donald Trump?

Is the GOP bullying Donald Trump?

03/04/16 10:02AM

What do voters think of the biting insults exchanged among the GOP candidates? And is the Republican Party being too harsh on front-runner Donald Trump, or is it the other way around? NBC's Jacob Rascon reports from a Donald Trump rally held in Warren, Michigan. watch

Winning the youth vote in Florida

Winning the youth vote in Florida

03/03/16 10:46AM

Florida is a state where young voters can play significantly help determine the future of the race to the White House. What issues will be most important to this demographic for the upcoming primary? Florida International University professor Eduardo Gamarra, and students Salim Daher and Mauro Gregorio discuss the 2016 race. watch

Polls show Rubio trailing Trump in Florida

Latest polls show Rubio trailing Trump in Florida

03/03/16 10:31AM

The Florida primary, less than two weeks away, is considered a must-win for Sunshine State native Marco Rubio, who’s been struggling in the polls. Why is his message not resonating in his home state? Wadi Gaitan, the Florida GOP’s Director of Communications, discusses the high stakes for the Republicans. watch


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