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Sister of man who died after tasing talks...

Sister of man who died after tasing talks to MSNBC

11/12/15 10:19AM

Msnbc's Ari Melber reports on the death of Linwood Lambert, and the police video obtained by MSNBC. His sister Gwendolyn Smalls joins to talk about police reports given to her and the events leading up to her brother's death. Attorney Joe Messa joins to discuss the civil suit. watch

Will restaurants drop tipping?

Will restaurants drop tipping?

11/12/15 09:55AM

Celebrity chef and msnbc food correspondent Tom Colicchio joins msnbc's Jose Diaz-Balart to discuss whether major restaurants chains in the U.S. will refuse to allow tipping. watch

Wounded vet dedicates life to help others

Wounded vet dedicates life to help others

11/11/15 10:42AM

Col. Jack Jacobs shares details from his interview with quadruple amputee Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, who was critically wounded in Afghanistan and now has dedicated his life to helping other "recalibrated warriors." watch

Getting Latinos to Iowa Caucuses

Getting Latinos to Iowa Caucuses

11/11/15 09:39AM

Christian Ucles, the political director for the Iowa Chapter of LULAC, talks about organization's determination to get more Latinos to the polls during the 2016 election. He talks about the specific focus on the Iowa Caucus. watch

Is the end of killer whale shows enough?

Is SeaWorld’s end of killer whale shows enough?

11/10/15 11:24AM

SeaWorld in San Diego announced that next year they will phase out their killer whale shows, but animal rights activist are saying that is still not enough. NBC's Miguel Almaguer and San Diego Union-Tribune’s Lori Weisberg explain what these new changes mean for the park and why activists are still criticizing SeaWorld.  watch


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