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O’Malley works to gain traction

O’Malley works to gain traction on campaign trail

11/04/15 10:47AM

Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley was the first to file the official paperwork in New Hampshire to run in the first presidential primary. The Director of Public Engagement and Senior Advisor on immigration for the O’Malley campaign, Gabriela Domenzain, comments on O’Malley’s low poll numbers and shares the plans for the future of his campaign. watch

Sanders campaign hires new Latino strategists

Sanders campaign hires new Latino strategists

11/03/15 10:44AM

Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he will be ruling out immigration reform as long as President Barack Obama is still in office. The White House responded and expressed disappointed in Ryan’s comments. Newly appointed Latino outreach strategist for the Bernie Sanders Campaign Cesar Vargas joins msnbc’s Jose Diaz-Balart shares the same... watch

San Francisco proposition impacts Airbnb

San Francisco proposition impacts Airbnb

11/03/15 10:31AM

Residents in San Francisco are being asked to vote on Proposition F, a measure that would limit short term rentals to 75 days and require companies like Airbnb to remove listings that violate the limit. Msnbc’s Olivia Sterns explains what this proposition means for Airbnb as a whole and also how Amazon is opening their first physical bookstore... watch

Rep: Ryan needs to gain GOP trust first

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen: Ryan needs to gain GOP trust first

11/03/15 10:20AM

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen reacts to Speaker Paul Ryan’s first press conference on Capitol Hill as Speaker of the House. She explains how Ryan has to get the trust of the GOP conference in to order to key in on border security and immigration. She also responds to the new military strategy in Syria. watch

Is Iowa ready to vote?

Is Iowa ready to vote?

11/03/15 09:47AM

Presidential candidates' focus on Iowa intensifies as the first Iowa caucus comes closer. Msnbc's Jacob Soboroff takes to the streets of Iowa to talk to voters and explains to them why Iowa is the first state to vote in Presidential elections. watch

Big names back marijuana legislation in Ohio

Big names back marijuana legislation in Ohio

11/03/15 09:41AM

Today voters in Ohio are considering a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use. This legalization has gained financial backing from celebrities including boy-band star Nick Lachey, fashion designer Nanette Lepore and NBA legend Oscar Robertson. NBC’s Erica Hill explains how this legislation would cause... watch

Carson commands new poll

Poll: Ben Carson takes the lead

11/03/15 09:31AM

GOP candidate Ben Carson has taken a commanding lead in the GOP primary receiving support from 29% of Republican voters. Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp explains why Carson has taken the lead in new polls. Schlapp also comments on Marco Rubio’s rising poll numbers after the last debate and Jeb Bush’s new campaign reboot. watch


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