Groundhog Club handler Ron Ploucha (R) holds Punxsutawney Phil, the weather prognosticating groundhog, during the Groundhog Day celebration at Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney, Pa., on Feb. 2, 2015.
Photo by David Maxwell/EPA

NH police department issues faux warrant for Punxsutawney Phil


Punxsutawney Phil, you’re under arrest.

At least, that’s what one New Hampshire police department is calling for. The Merrimack Police Department posted a faux arrest order on their Facebook page Tuesday calling for the famous groundhog to be arrested for leaving key details out of his February forcast.

“We have received several complaints from the public that this little varmint is held up in a hole, warm and toasty,” the department’s Facebook page reads. “He told several people that Winter would last 6 more weeks, however he failed to disclose that it would consist of mountains of snow!”

Police Chief Mark Doyle told the Associated Press that the idea of the post came after three major storms hit New England in the span of two weeks. “Everybody is looking at it for what it is: a tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted look at the winter we’re having in the Northeast,” Doyle said.

This isn’t the first time the groundhog has gotten on the wrong side of the law: an Ohio attorney filed an indictment against Phil in 2013 for misrepresenting spring.

The East Coast is bracing for more snow throughout President Day’s weekend, with some parts of New England expecting up to 18 inches of snow.