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Latinos ‘in solidarity’ with African Americans in Baltimore

The Latino community in Baltimore is responding to the unrest that has gripped the city over the last week.

On Thursday’s RundownCasa de Maryland’s executive director Gustavo Torres discussed why the community is standing in solidarity with Baltimore’s African-American community:

“The African-American community has been suffering tremendously for many years,” Torres said. “Latinos also have been in the same situation. That is the reason why we are together…We believe that’s the only way to bring justice to our communities.”

The number of Latinos in Baltimore has almost doubled over the last 10 years, according to Census data. Latinos now make up 5% of the city’s population. Like African Americans, Torres said, the growing Latino community is concerned about hostile relationships between law enforcement and minorities.

“We believe that is totally unacceptable what the police have been doing, so we are demanding more accountability for the police department,” he said.