Comedian and media personality Joan Rivers attends the opening night after party for "Dreamgirls" at Riverside Church on Nov. 22, 2009 in New York City.
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#5Things: Remember Joan Rivers

We continue to remember 81-year-old comedian Joan Rivers this morning, and the words being used to describe her say it all: Vivacious. Lightening bolt. Enduring. So this morning, we remember Rivers in our own words–five of them, to be exact:

1. “Pioneering” - Breaking barriers as a female comedian, first on Carson, then on her own late night talk show–the first woman ever to host one! Something Carson never quite forgave her for that…

2. “Fearless” - She was never afraid to say whatever she wanted about whomever she wanted and whenever she wanted, from the White House to the red carpet, with no apologies.

3. “Global” - Her loss is being felt around the world this morning, with everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Prince Charles remembering her.

4. “Outrageous” - Like this moment with my colleague Lawrence O’Donnell back in 2011:

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5. “Funny” - She was just funny. She lived to make us laugh, as her daughter Melissa reminded us yesterday–even until the very end, writing in a 2012 book about her own funeral:

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#5Things: Remember Joan Rivers