#5Things: Name in lights


The “Crossroads of the World” – that’s what will be unveiled in Times Square in New York City Tuesday night: it’s the biggest, most expensive billboard ever!

It’s making headlines, but it’s definitely not the first one to do so…

  1. President Obama: he’s used to being in political ads, but what about fashion ads? The jacket brand Weatherproof caused a stir when they used his image in Times Square back in 2010 without his permission. 
  2. Let’s talk football and “America’s team,” the Dallas Cowboys: owner Jerry Jones went “World Record big” with a video board in 2009 at the new stadium. During the debut preseason game, a punt hit the 2,100-inch screen!
  3. A Times Square throwback: this ad for Camel Cigarettes in 1943…it was literally smoking!
  4. In Mead, Nebraska, there’s an entire barn known as the “billboard building.” 
  5. Finally, let’s bring it back to Miami and the famous Coppertone Girl ad made in 1958: here she is at its third location, reminding us all down in the Sunshine State to wear our sunscreen!