#5Things: Hyperlapse

Instagram recently released a new app called Hyperlapse, which allows users to shoot seamless time-lapse videos on their very own devices. So in honor of this brand new–and pretty cool–technology, we picked out some cool Hyperlapse videos to share…and shot some of our own too…

1. NBC colleague Jimmy Fallon put the Hyperlapse app to the test by eating a piece of cake–and the app even cleaned his face for him!

2. Hyperlapse is also letting first-person reporting be seen from a whole new point of view. Check out Long Beach Press-Telegram’s Gregory Yee’s Hyperlapse video of storm surges off the coast of Seal Beach, California, from Hurricane Marie:

3. For all of you “foodstagram” lovers, it really gives a fresh taste to all of those food pictures that tend to clog Instagram feeds–like this one from Patrick Janelle, with close to 3,000 likes!

4. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at 30 Rock–from the main studio to the control room:

5. And in case you’re wondering what things look like behind-the-scenes in Miami, here’s a Hyperlapse of José’s morning before the show:

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#5Things: Hyperlapse