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What will Michelle Obama do in a second term?


From gun control to an immigration overhaul, there’s been plenty of discussion about President Obama’s second term agenda in recent weeks .  But what will his partner in the White House– the First Lady– accomplish with another four years?

She’ll likely continue her work with her two signature causes– the “Let’s Move” campaign against childhood obesity and the “Joining Forces” effort to help military families but she may take on a new platform.

“She knows she has an opportunity,” said I-Village Chief Correspondent Kelly Wallace on Jansing & Co. ”Aides say she is considering picking up another issue…They’re not just looking at the next 6 months to a year. They’re planning for the next 4 years.”

Despite her success with those marquee campaigns, feminists have criticized the First Lady for her self-described moniker of “mom-in-chief.”

“What’s lost often in the story of Michelle Obama is that this was a former career woman,” said Marie Claire Magazine features editor Lea Goldman to Chris Jansing. “She had a very high profile career as a hospital administrator. She’s a trained lawyer. We don’t often hear about that when we talk about Michelle Obama. So there is a contingent of women who say she should be more active.”

Wallace defended the First Lady’s choices and priorities.

“When she came to the White House, her numero uno priority was making sure Malia and Sasha are going to transition and be okay and I think as women, we want to applaud other women for making the decisions that they make,” said Wallace.

The American public seems to approve of her choices as well.  A recent CNN/ORC poll found her approval rating at 73%– higher than her husband’s and his cabinet.

So what might she do with all this political good will?

“She’s going to support her husband in terms of the Organizing for America initiative to try and get communities to rally around the President’s initiatives,” said Wallace. “She’s going to be supporting that agenda but I think she’s going to be using her personal and political capital a little bit more on some of these other issues that may sometimes be apolitical.”

And could a run for political office be in Michelle Obama’s future?

“She says no, no, no, no, no but she’s so amazing out on that campaign trail,” said Wallace to Chris Jansing. “You have to wonder if 5 years from now she’s going to say I’m pretty good– why don’t I give it a shot?”