The Company Memo: Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Tuesday on Jansing & Co. we’ll have the latest on Bob Filner. The embattled San Diego Mayor is expected to meet with city leaders on Tuesday over his future. Sixteen women have accused him of sexual harassment and many citizens are undertaking a campaign to recall him. Rachel Laing is the Communications Director for the Recall Bob Filner effort and she’ll discuss her group’s progress toward removing him from office.

As Egypt seems to plunge deeper into chaos, questions about what the United States should do grow louder. Our panel will discuss the options on the table for the U.S. and address reports that claim military aid has already been suspended.

Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., was the original sponsor of the Affordable Care Act back in September of 2009. He’ll discuss the ongoing efforts to promote the law to the American people and what President Barack Obama hopes to accomplish on his bus tour.

Ted Cruz is a Tea Party favorite and potential 2016 presidential candidate, but the Canadian born senator is facing questions about his birth certificate. Our strategists will discuss how this skepticism around the GOP senator may finally put an end to the questions about the president’s birth certificate.

Many terrorism analysts are concerned that Egypt’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood could spawn more terrorists and enable al Qaeda to establish a presence in the region. We’ll ask former Director of the National Terrorism Center, Michael Leiter, about this potential new threat.

Dane Atkinson, CEO of data analytics company SumAll, runs his company differently than most. For starters, he makes his employees’ wages visible to other members of the company. Atkinson will discuss this and other unique management approaches he’s learned from founding over a dozen companies.

That’s coming up today at 10:00am Eastern Time on Jansing & Co. with Richard Lui filling in at the anchor desk.