The Company Memo: Friday, August 16, 2013


Friday on Jansing & Co. we’ll have the latest on the violence and turmoil in Egypt. Our panel will discuss that country’s future and how the United States is handling the situation.

The Washington Post has released documents given to them by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. They show that the NSA has broken privacy rules thousands of times. Senator Ron Johnson, a member of the  Homeland Security and Foreign Relations Committees will answer questions about these latest revelations and Egypt.

The political action committee EMILY’s List, a group dedicated to getting women elected, is hosting an event in San Francisco on Friday. Some of the headliners are Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and recent Georgetown University Law School graduate Sandra Fluke. Fluke and actress Morgan Fairchild will join Jansing & Co. to discuss their efforts getting women into office.

Several new developments affecting medical marijuana are fueling the debate on whether or not to legalize the drug. On Friday New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could decide on a bill that would allow medical marijuana to be administered to children. Our strategists will discuss the politics surrounding the legalization movement.

Nick Symmonds won a silver medal earlier this week at the World Track & Field Championships in Moscow. He then promptly dedicated his victory to gays and lesbians, making him the first athlete to critique Russia’s anti-gay legislation while in Russia. Symmonds will join Jansing & Co. to discuss why he dedicated his medal.

And a biopic on Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher premiers on Friday. The film’s director Joshua Stern will discuss the movie’s message and what it was like exploring Job’s life.