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Sen. Sanders votes no on filibuster: “majority doesn’t rule”


Filibuster reform passed the Senate Thursday with overwhelming bipartisan support.  But, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was one of the dissenters.

Appearing on Jansing & Co. Sanders says it’s a critical time to get things done, legislatively.

“To do that now in the Senate, majority doesn’t rule. It requires 60 votes. Nothing in the Constitution [says]  anything about having to have 60 votes to pass a piece of legislation,” Sen. Sanders, an independent, said on Jansing & Co. Friday.

“Republicans have demanded hundreds of filibusters in recent years, so, I’m kind of old-fashioned. I think minorities should have all the time it needs to get up on the floor and state their case.  I respect minority rights. But, the American people are hurting. They want action. We cannot address the major issues if we continue to need 60 votes and the legislation yesterday did not deal with that issue,” Sanders said.

Sanders acknowledged some reform is better than nothing.  The new rules will speed legislation though the Senate.

Sen. Sanders votes no on filibuster: "majority doesn't rule"