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Rep. Barbara Lee: ‘This is a do-nothing Republican Congress’


There’s consensus on one thing on Capitol Hill Monday, as we stand on the very edge of the fiscal cliff.  Something needs to be done to stop the $1.2 trillion of automatic cuts and tax increases scheduled to begin on Jan. 2nd. In spite of that, big differences remain between the two parties.

“It’s a shame and disgrace where we are.” Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Calif., told Chris Jansing Monday morning. “We have to come up with some fairness in this overall deal.”

Tax increases and government spending are still the sticking points for lawmakers in trying to reach a deal. Democrats want to increase taxes on the very wealthy and Republicans want to keep taxes low for everyone. They also disagree on where to cut spending.

“When you look at the Pentagon, for example, we could cut at least a 100 billion dollars and not even tamper with our national security,” says Congresswoman Lee, who’s a member of the House Appropriations committee . ” There’s been an unequal investment in the cuts already.”

How does the country move forward when the two parties are so far apart?

“Quite frankly, this is a do- nothing Republican congress,” Lee said.  ”We have plenty of time to do the work of the American people. Unfortunately, Tea party Republicans who are elected here want to dismantle government.”


Rep. Barbara Lee: 'This is a do-nothing Republican Congress'