Rep. Charles Rangel calls newest NRA ad an insult


There seems to be some movement on Capitol Hill when it comes to gun control. A bipartisan group of Senators has reached a deal that would make gun trafficking a federal crime. The Judiciary Committee will take up the bill on Thursday.

At the same time, the NRA is out with a new ad seemingly targeting African-American youth. The ad portrays a young African-American man who says in part: “It’s not a gun problem, it’s not even a violence problem. It’s a culture problem. It’s a poverty problem, it’s a history problem. The only person responsible for your safety is you.”

“It’s an insult to the American people’s intelligence for them [the NRA] to continue do this,” Congressman Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., said to Chris Jansing Tuesday. “There is no question that they just create things about minorities just going and having rights that never existed. They make it up and they keep moving on and saying what they want to say. The truth of the matter is, there’s no need for America to have more guns per capita than any civilized country.”

Rep. Rangel says Congress needs to hear from the American people, “The silence is really what allows lobbyists to do what they have been doing over the years.”