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‘Many more patients would have died’ if not for rapid response


The chief of trauma surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital is praising the efforts of first responders, crediting them with preventing the loss of more lives in the Boston twin bombing attack.

“It was indeed an amazing response,” Dr. George Velmahos told Chris Jansing, on location in Boston for Jansing & Co. “All this rapid response really made the difference. I am convinced that many more patients would’ve died of bleeding if our pre-hospital providers had not responded that rapidly.”

Many of the emergency responders had already been in place to aid Boston Marathon runners. Dozens of victims injured by the two bombs that went off near the finish line Monday were rushed to six high-level trauma centers, all within a-mile-and-a-half radius of the terror attack.

Velmahos says he’s optimistic about the final outcome of the several remaining patients being treated at his hospital, but he cautions they’re “not out of the woods yet.”  Three people were killed and 176 were hospitalized, including several who required amputations. As of Wednesday morning, NBC News reported 69 patients remained hospitalized, with 19 victims listed in critical condition.

'Many more patients would have died' if not for rapid response