Jansing is taking your questions from Sochi


Chris Jansing, host of Jansing & Co., is covering the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia for msnbc. This marks the 7th Olympics she has covered. Jansing was awarded an Emmy for her coverage of the 1996 Olympic Park bombing at the summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. With security concerns looming, recent legislation restricting the country’s LGBT population, and Jansing’s report that the city’s “cutting it close” in their preparations, this Olympics is about more than which country will take the gold medal for bobsledding. 

Luckily, Jansing will be taking your Olympics related questions all the way from Sochi!

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Jansing & Co. , 2/3/14, 11:14 AM ET

The view from Inside Sochi

Chris Jansing is on the ground in Sochi with details on the athletes’ arrivals, last-minute security preps and training as we countdown to the first competitions, which begin on Thursday.

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Jansing is taking your questions from Sochi