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How to survive a scandal


Former Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner, of New York, is seeking a comeback after a 2011 sexting scandal sent him into the political wilderness, and crisis manager Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, says the approach appears to be working.

“It did take Mr. Weiner a while, but he finally did it the right way. He suffered the pain, he made peace at home and I think he’s being forgiven by the people of New York and his competence, which is very high, is what’s now being looked at.”

Davis, whose clients have included Martha Stewart, New York’s Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, and former Mississippi Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Republican, said the key to making a comeback is: “Tell it all, tell it early, and tell it yourself.”

Davis is author of the new book Crisis Tales: Five Rules for Coping With Crises in Business, Politics, and Life.

“Whether it’s personal or whether it’s political or business, getting the facts and figuring out what is truthful and can be said to get the story behind you.”