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Hillary Clinton’s return: Is she running?


Speculation continues to fly over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 plans as she returns to the speaking circuit this week, beginning with Tuesday night’s speech at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards in Washington, D.C.

Her former 2008 campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle said on Jansing & Co. Wednesday, “I have no idea what she’s going to do, but I hope she does do it…let’s face it: Hillary Clinton is the hardest-working woman in the show business.”

Chris Jansing asked, “Do you think it matters to her that she could be the first woman president?”

“Of course I think it matters to her,” Solis Doyle said. “She has the time to really try and figure out whether she wants to do this.”

On Tuesday evening, Clinton did not mention a possible run for the presidency; she didn’t even hint at it during a 12-minute speech for the Vital Voices Global Partnership, an organization she helped create. Instead, she lavished praise on her former chief of staff, who was honored at the Kennedy Center.

Clinton has a busy speaking schedule this spring. On Friday she’s headlining the Newsweek/Daily Beast Women in the World Summit in New York, and on April 24th, she’ll give her first paid speech to the National Multi-Housing Council in Dallas. She will also be honored by the Economic Club of Grand Rapids in June.

Politico’s Lois Romano said Clinton is not capable of taking six months off, as was suggested to her by friends, because “this is who she is.” Romano suggests Clinton will keep her network alive and her options open.

“She’s a public personality, she cares deeply about policy and I think you’re looking at a period in time where her stocks is just trading of the charts. And I think she wants to take advantage of that,” Romano said.

Clinton shared the stage Tuesday with Vice President Joe Biden, a potential Democratic rival in 2016.

“There’s no woman like Hillary Clinton and that’s a fact,” Biden said.

“Vice President Biden and I have worked together on so many issues, one specifically close to his heart the fight against domestic violence,” Clinton said.

But it may not be more complicated than that.

“We have two 800 pound gorillas in the race right now, herself and Joe Biden. Joe Biden doesn’t really need to race out there either. He’s got high name recognition. If she is out of the mix his poll numbers shoot up… All of the other kind-of wannabes are just going to be out of luck.  They’re young and they might have to wait four more years,” Romano said.

Outside the Kennedy Center, supporters with signs rallied and cheered Clinton, with some holding signs referencing the super PAC “Ready for Hillary”, which launched its website Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton's return: Is she running?